Alternative Approach for Maintaining Oral Health in Cats and Dogs

January 25, 2021

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By Dr. Elizabeth DeLomba, DVM MBA

When a client complains about their pet’s bad breath, further examination will likely reveal more significant oral health issues. Our recommendation for regular tooth brushing may be met by enthusiasm, but that determination can fade when faced with this challenging task.

We’d love if our clients committed to brushing their pet’s teeth routinely. In reality, only 4% of cat owners and 8% of dog owners brush their pet’s teeth regularly, according to a 2016 Ipsos study. Moreover, 43% of dog owners say they never brush their dog’s teeth. This lack of brushing compliance often coincides with plaque and tartar formation and poor oral health. In light of this concern, our goal should be to find an effective method for preventing plaque and tartar buildup that’s easily incorporated into daily life.

Clinically Proven Dental Health Powder

In recent years, I’ve been recommending VetriScience’s Perio Support Pro powder to clients seeking an effective alternative to brushing. It’s not only easy to administer but is clinically proven to improve oral health. In a double-blind study of 20 canine subjects, Perio Support Pro demonstrated a reduction in overall plaque by 20% and calculus by 18% in the 28-day trial period. From a medical point of view, this formula addresses numerous critical factors in maintaining a healthy oral cavity while drastically improving compliance.

Convenience Increases Compliance

With Perio Support Pro, you can finally tell your clients to put down the toothbrush! All that’s required is adding the recommended dose to their pet’s meals twice daily. A 16-ounce container makes it easy to dispense varying amounts, which helps accommodate multi-pet households. This palatable powder is appropriate for use in both cats and dogs and only requires one bottle on shelf in your clinic. Perio Support Pro addresses a number of critical factors in keeping the oral cavity healthy.

Six Effective Ingredients for Oral Health

Perio Support Pro features six active ingredients that each play a key role in maintaining oral health.

Natural Zeolites

Natural zeolites are minerals that help prevent plaque from forming and sticking to teeth. Their porous structure captures divalent cations such as minerals that contribute to tartar formation. Zeolites may also help mechanically disrupt the biofilm that forms on teeth.


It has been shown that cranberry can help inhibit matrix metalloproteinases (MMP) that are made by inflammatory cells and contribute to periodontal tissue destruction. Cranberry contains proanthocyanins that help prevent bacteria from sticking to the teeth and by binding to these pathogens enable them to be carried away from the mouth and destroyed in the GI tract.


Taurine is an amino acid that helps decrease MMP’s and may also inhibit inflammatory mediators and prostaglandins. These key functions help ameliorate the destruction of periodontal tissues. Taurine works with zinc to support gum tissue health and strength.


Probiotics are beneficial as bacteria can contribute to halitosis and the destruction of dental structures. Lactobacilli have shown to inhibit Porphyromonas gingivalis, a bacterium commonly responsible for oral health issues. By supplying “good” bacteria to the mouth, pathogenic organisms have less opportunity to overgrow and contribute to oral health conditions. Lactobacillus acidophilus supports a healthy bacterial balance in the mouth.

Zinc ascorbate

By providing immune support to gingival tissues, Zinc ascorbate helps oxidize plaque and decrease anaerobic pathogens. When used along with taurine, Zinc helps to bind with sulfur compounds and oxidize volatile fatty acids which contribute to the permeability of the gingiva to bacterial toxins. This process supports gingival defenses and decreases breath odors.

Yucca Schidigera

This well-research herb demonstrates antioxidant activity and promotes a healthy inflammatory response. Yucca Schidigera contains saponins that have detergent or surfactant properties which gives them a cleansing effect. Yucca shidigera also helps inhibit enzymes that break down the structural integrity of gum tissue.

Brush Up on Pet Dental Health

National Pet Dental Health Month is a perfect time to introduce your clients to this palatable powder that’s easily added to meals and freely distributes throughout the mouth via saliva. It doesn’t just prevent plaque on the chewing surfaces, but exposes the entire mouth to the active ingredients. This creates a win for you and your staff, a win for the clients, and most importantly, a win for the pets.

Dr. DeLomba, DVM MBA is the Senior Veterinary Services Consultant at VetriScience®. She combines extensive clinical experience with 13 years of management in veterinary pharmaceuticals. She has authored over 50 veterinary articles and continuing education courses. Dr. DeLomba earned a DVM in Veterinary Medicine from Michigan State University and a MBA from Villanova University

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