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Leveraging Supplements to Support Practice Income & Client Satisfaction

By: Dr. Emily Dae Andersen, DVM, CVA, CVFT External economic factors pressure both practices and clients. As veterinary practitioners, we are told to always present the owners with options for their pet’s health care, but often we pre-judge what they can afford to do as well as their interest in the choices we present. This […]


“Trust Your Gut:” Advocating for Best Patient Gastrointestinal Health

By: Dr. Emily Dae Andersen, DVM, CVA, CVFT I was taught in traditional Chinese veterinary medicine to first and foremost “heal the gut” and when overwhelmed by a complicated case, to initially focus on gastrointestinal health as a starting place. This approach has been invaluable as well as relevant as we discover the nuances and […]

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Supplements as Gastrointestinal Protectants

By Dr. Elizabeth DeLomba, DVM MBA GI upset is one of the most common issues presented in veterinary medicine. Any number of things can disrupt the normal biome and defenses present in the gut. There are a number of ways to deal with the consequences of an upset gastrointestinal tract, including the use of GI […]

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Pet Health Continuing Education and Podcasts

Catch up on your CE credits with three RACE-approved CE courses available online. Our recent VetFolio podcasts keep you
up to date on the latest research about supplement usage in pets.

  • CE Course: Behavior Champion Program

  • VetFolio Podcast: Using Natural Supplements and Herbal Medicine in Wellness Appointments

  • VetFolio Podcast: Feline Behavior Modification (Yes, You CAN Train a Cat) Podcast and Quiz

  • VetFolio Podcast: Diarrhea Again? Multi-Modal Approach for Dogs with Chronic Enteropathy

  • VetFolio Podcast: Nutritional Needs of Senior Cats

  • VetFolio Podcast: Ortho at Home: Supportive Solutions for Joint Issues

  • CE Course: Using Supplements to Balance Behavior

  • CE Course: Probiotic Supplements: Proactive Health

  • CE Course: Why Supplements?

  • VetFolio Podcast: Exploring Recent Advances in Senior Pet Care

  • VetFolio Podcast: Identifying and Managing Stress in Cats & Dogs

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