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The Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on the Pet Health Industry

It was announced that COVID-19 was added to the dictionary in the fastest time ever – just 34 days.  However, when December rolls around and we start doing end-of-year retrospectives, the word of the year should really be “unprecedented.”


How to Save a Life: Pet First Aid Awareness Month

For Pet First-Aid Awareness month, VetriScience® Laboratories shares some tips that veterinarians can share with clients to help pet parents prepare for a pet emergency.

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Obstacles in Diagnosing Joint Conditions in Cats

Now that cats are living longer lives with advances in veterinary medicine, joint conditions have become more more prevalent in senior and geriatric cats. Fortunately,  there are now more methods to assess and help diagnose progressive joint conditions in cats. By doing so, you can help ensure that your feline patients enjoy quality of life […]

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Continuing Education and Podcasts

Catch up on your CE credits with three RACE-approved CE courses available online. Our recent VetFolio podcasts keep you up to date on the latest research about supplement usage in pets.

  • CE Course: Using Supplements to Balance Behavior

  • CE Course: Probiotic Supplements: Proactive Health

  • CE Course: Why Supplements?

  • VetFolio Podcast: Exploring Recent Advances in Senior Pet Care

  • VetFolio Podcast: Identifying and Managing Stress in Cats & Dogs

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