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Veterinarian Developed


VetriScience® Laboratories has always valued veterinarian feedback to improve and expand our product line. We take pride in offering you, our vets, condition-specific products based on the animal health concerns you see in your practice every day.


As part of our dedication to the veterinary industry, we have introduced the VetriScience® Pro Line to provide clinics with a truly exclusive vet product.

The Pro Line provides your clinic and your patients with exciting and innovative supplements that contain a combination of powerful ingredients not available to any of our competitors. We are proud to provide the support your clinic needs to build trust and understanding with your clients and patients.



VetriScience® products are developed through extensive research and collaboration with leading edge veterinarians. In addition to vet feedback, we use scientific university studies to ensure the effectiveness and safety of our products.

Our collaborative approach ensures you get the formulas you need to properly complement traditional therapies and maintain the health and well being of your patients.



The VetriScience® Pro Line consists of cutting-edge, patented nutraceutical ingredients used in ways no other company has accomplished. We are proud to offer exclusive, condition-specific formulas in a palatable, simple delivery system that both your clients and patients will appreciate.

We have always been on the leading edge of new and exciting animal health supplements, while ensuring the safety of every product we make. Today, our commitment to innovation allows us to continue to offer you some of most pure, effective animal health products available.